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January 2013
Mango Creek Lodge Roatan Honduras

Mango Creek Dec 12 124.JPGYou may know by now that Autie and Janie McVicker are participating in Mango Creek Lodge, Roatan Honduras. They are long time sailors like ourselves and have business in the US and Honduras. We met up over the usual chit chat and sips at the restaurant here at MCL. They had been building their home on the island and had visited Port Royal many times since the 1980’s.  Well, you guessed it. They wanted in and we allowed it so we can continue to serve our clients while improving the grounds and equipment. Autie has said some things you may be interested to hear. “Terry and Patrice have put the soul into this place and we hope to be of use to support the operation and increase the number of folks coming down for fun. Our commitment here is based on the joy we feel when here and a belief that many more years of smiles are in the offing.”
 Mango Creek Dec 12 108.JPG                                
Things will remain the same here at MCL as we want you comfortable, full of good food and grinning ear to ear from a fishing trip or day snorkeling. You may even be interested in two significant developments in the works now. First, we are adding another, larger over the water cabana which will be handicapped friendly and can also fit a whole family for their vacation. Second, the tree houses are coming along. Two of these elevated cabins will be situated near the waterfall and have connecting walkways near the tree tops!  Can’t wait for you to try ‘em out.
Patrice and I are very excited and if you haven’t been back here for awhile book now and come to see the changes. Never been to Mango Creek? Get busy and let me know your plans so we can hold a space. You may even run into Autie looking for duppies up on the hill…

Mango Creek Lodge was just voted one of the 7 most Romantic Vacations by Gorp Travel Away Network!

In celebration of this exciting news. Mango Creek Lodge is offering $200 off any 1 week vacation package during the month of April 2013. Book now to get in on this special offer!