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Fleet Captain

April 11, 2011:
James Carlton has been moved to the task of Fleet Captain. He will be responsible for all boats and pump outs in Clear Lake. Heck of a plumber, too.  Help us give congratulations to these able and loyal members of our Skunk Team!

Glad to see some of you 'blowing by' at the Corpus Christi Boat Show! Go Coast Guard !!...great demonstration of the rescue swimmer's job!  We will be at the South Shore Harbor show this weekend and will see you there! 

WOW! Another great year for our little Skunk Team!

January 4th 2010:

We are excited to say that we have several technicians ready for your repairs and installations. Also, look forward to our services being available on the weekends starting this spring! Pump Outs at your dock, repairs on any plumbing issues, and even A/C repair/installation will be on the menu. Call us anytime at 281.334.5978 since we are manning the phones on weekends as well.