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You people are terrific

May 25, 2011:
You people are terrific !!!  Over $700 raised to donate to move the dental equipment down to Honduras.  Those kids benefit from some great volunteer doctors like Dr. M. Jolly Johnson, DDS and many from Baylor Medical. Thanks to these geat folks and your generous donations for the Great Food at the Flea Market, many happy smiles will ensue. When in mainland Honduras late this year you may find the clinic in operation. Keep smiling....

Flea Market was attended lightly, but the items changed hands just the same and you guys were able to keep the free beer going like never before! We are grateful for your attendance, the super work done by the Skunk Cooking Team and our Elk friends. More next year we hope as the Flea Market turns 19 and Maritime Sanitation turns 20.  

Autie and Janie McVicker and the whole Skunk Team say THANKS !!

1992-2012 sounds like 20 years of wee wee and woo woo ? Yep. 

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