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January 2013
Mango Creek Lodge Roatan Honduras

Mango Creek Dec 12 124.JPGYou may know by now that Autie and Janie McVicker are participating in Mango Creek Lodge, Roatan Honduras. They are long time sailors like ourselves and have business in the US and Honduras. We met up over the usual chit chat and sips at the restaurant here at MCL. They had been building their home on the island and had visited Port Royal many times since the 1980’s.  Well, you guessed it. They wanted in and we allowed it so we can continue to serve our clients while improving the grounds and equipment. Autie has said some things you may be interested to hear. “Terry and Patrice have put the soul into this place and we hope to be of use to support the operation and increase the number of folks coming down for fun. Our commitment here is based on the joy we feel when here and a belief that many more years of smiles are in the offing.”
 Mango Creek Dec 12 108.JPG                                
Things will remain the same here at MCL as we want you comfortable, full of good food and grinning ear to ear from a fishing trip or day snorkeling. You may even be interested in two significant developments in the works now. First, we are adding another, larger over the water cabana which will be handicapped friendly and can also fit a whole family for their vacation. Second, the tree houses are coming along. Two of these elevated cabins will be situated near the waterfall and have connecting walkways near the tree tops!  Can’t wait for you to try ‘em out.
Patrice and I are very excited and if you haven’t been back here for awhile book now and come to see the changes. Never been to Mango Creek? Get busy and let me know your plans so we can hold a space. You may even run into Autie looking for duppies up on the hill…

Mango Creek Lodge was just voted one of the 7 most Romantic Vacations by Gorp Travel Away Network!

In celebration of this exciting news. Mango Creek Lodge is offering $200 off any 1 week vacation package during the month of April 2013. Book now to get in on this special offer!

TMCA Spring Fling

May 2012
Wow...what a great time and party at TMCA Spring Fling...thanks Angie and the TMCA folks for a super weekend...see you on the water!

Fleet Captain James Carlton and Captain Sean Fitzgerald are all at your service for Dockside Pump Outs.  We have 3 boats in service in and around Galveston Bay and Clear Lake...some of you have been our clients and doing the right thing since 1992...WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS!

Here we are folks already well into Maritime Sanitations 20th year on the lake!!  Withspring fast approaching we are getting ready for a busy fun filled time ahead,........kicking off with the South Shore Boat Show coming up in March on the 22nd through the 25th, Then onto THE 19th ANNUAL BOATERS FLEA MARKET Which has just been confirmed for May 5th and 6th again being hosted at Elks Lodge (Big thanks to them!) So be sure to reserve your spaces ahead of time, they are already starting to sell...... Reservations: 281-334-5978.  Then if that is not enough excitment it's full steam ahead to the 2nd Annual TMCA Spring Fling and Freeport Rendevouz in Freeport!! We will keep you updated over the coming weeks and months of all the other good stuff happening...

Remember we are here and always will be for all your Marine Service needs!!!.....In the mean time remember the Scoop on the Poop....PUMP DONT DUMP!!!!

December 8, 2011

Winter Cold and Holiday Festivities !  We are still on the lake and Captain James and Captain Seanare shivering along with the gang.  Bbbuurrrrrr !!

As always, if you like us tell everyone....if something isn't right call me directly and we'll fix it.  Autie  713-805-3374

Wow! it's time for the Holidays
November 20, 2011
Wow!!! it's time for the Holidays !!!

We are heading into our 20th year serving the community to insure clean water. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!

Galveston Bay area pump out schedules remain in place, and we will see you even if shivering !! Neither rain, nor snow, nor sea monsters will keep us from our duty.

Don't forget we are Number 1 in the Number 2 Business.....

2012 is our 20th year serving
October 31, 2011
2012 is our 20th year serving here on Clear Lake !  Many thanks to all who made it happen. Doing the right thing...pump don't dump.

We are saddened to lose our Captain Poop

October 20, 2011
September 30, 2011 -Mike Seich has passed away. We are saddened to lose our Captain Poop. He has been a fixture here at Maritime for many years and is loved by our team and many area boaters. Michael Seich, Jr. was 77 and had served in Korea, been superintendent for Dow for many years, sailed the Gulf racing with GBCA and won many awards as a free diver and spear fisherman. Mike was a true gentleman even though his gruff voice and strong language may have been less gentle.

No one was quicker to help the needy, serve his friends and family and be there when needed than Mike Seich. We already miss Captain Poop and would love to hear his voice again and see his ready smile.

Fair winds Mike....

Long time no news

September 29, 2011
Long time no news!!!   Well, that is not exactly true. We have been so busy with our loyal clients and making new friends that a news update simply fell through the dock !  

We have had a few changes at Maritime and the Skunk Fleet is still growing and glowing.  Marianne Silva put her deck shoes under the Accounting desk and we are glad to have her keeping the Skunk Bucks in order.

Our best to all the area boaters and we will see you at Red Fish Island.  Our pals at the Galveston Bay Foundation plan another concert there this fall.  And, by the way, a million thanks to Angie at the Freeport Municipal Marina for hospitality and a true commitment to Pump Don't Dump.          Keep up the great work !

TMCA off to Double Bayou...hope to see you there.....

You may have even had rain by now

July 20, 2011
You may have even had rain by now !!!  I know it has been hot and dry, but not as hot as your Skunk Team's deals...discounts for the asking and free Tank Tamer for referrals...ask at the office on Pier 1 in Watergate or just call 281-334-5978....tell 'em Autie said give you something free !!!   Watch the mailbox for our Customer Satisfaction Survey...we may have slipped on pleasing you, but the commitment is still there and we are going to make you happy !!!  Seems many of our clients didn't know we do repairs, pump outs, pump out stations and chemicals...well, WE DO !!  Give us a chance to prove we care.

You people are terrific

May 25, 2011:
You people are terrific !!!  Over $700 raised to donate to move the dental equipment down to Honduras.  Those kids benefit from some great volunteer doctors like Dr. M. Jolly Johnson, DDS and many from Baylor Medical. Thanks to these geat folks and your generous donations for the Great Food at the Flea Market, many happy smiles will ensue. When in mainland Honduras late this year you may find the clinic in operation. Keep smiling....

Flea Market was attended lightly, but the items changed hands just the same and you guys were able to keep the free beer going like never before! We are grateful for your attendance, the super work done by the Skunk Cooking Team and our Elk friends. More next year we hope as the Flea Market turns 19 and Maritime Sanitation turns 20.  

Autie and Janie McVicker and the whole Skunk Team say THANKS !!

1992-2012 sounds like 20 years of wee wee and woo woo ? Yep. 

Fleet Captain

April 11, 2011:
James Carlton has been moved to the task of Fleet Captain. He will be responsible for all boats and pump outs in Clear Lake. Heck of a plumber, too.  Help us give congratulations to these able and loyal members of our Skunk Team!

Glad to see some of you 'blowing by' at the Corpus Christi Boat Show! Go Coast Guard !!...great demonstration of the rescue swimmer's job!  We will be at the South Shore Harbor show this weekend and will see you there!