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Marine Plumbing Inspection

Maritime Sanitation is now offering complete Marine Plumbing Inspections. A Marine Plumbing Inspection is a complete evaluation of your plumbing system from the head to the holding tank. 

Our Evaluation Includes:
Evaluation of hoses, hose clamps, hose connections and holding tank(s).
Head evaluation including water line and water level in bowl. 
Parts evaluation including Macerator, vacuum press, vacuum pump, joker valves, y-valves and duck bill valves. 
Odor level evaluation.
Complete report of findings and solutions.

We suggest that Marine Plumbing Inspections be a part of your annual preventative maintenance. These are also good prior to storage and/or commission of a boat that has been stored.

To schedule your Marine Plumbing Inspection, call us at 281-334-5978. For pricing information visit our Rates page. 

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