Pump Out Services

Our service professionals are certified to install, repair, inspect, and modify any marine sanitation system. We service Vacuflush®, Traveler®, and other head systems on any marine vessel as well as RV’s! Call Maritime Sanitation today and our team will be glad to put our expertise to work on:

  • Repairs and installations
  • Modifications
  • Engineering and redesign
  • Fresh water conversion & odorless pipe installation
  • Preventative maintenance with our Marine Plumbing Inspection
  • Product and system orientations
  • Pump outs
  • Our team can also assist with installations of water makers, ice makers and water heaters. Please contact us for a FREE estimate!

“Maritime Sanitation has always performed in an outstanding manner! They complete their work in a timely and professional manner. Their “Tank Tamer” product is one of the best I have seen for tackling unwanted holding tank odors…a solid company.” - Kevin Keenan

“I had Maritime Sanitation performing simple pump out service for many years, before I learned of their full complement of tank maintenance and system repair services. My boat is 25 years old, and I had thought that problems with slow toilets and incomplete pump outs was due to problems like tanks and hoses that needed expensive replacement. Maritime Sanitation on the other hand offered simple enzymatic and back flush service on a regular basis, the addition of which solved all problems, but for a loose fitting they found and fixed for a reasonable price. My whole system works. I am very happy with Maritime Sanitation, a customer for probably 20 years now.” - Bruce L. Ehni MD

Maintenance Tips on Keeping a Happy Head

  • Treat raw water systems for mineral build up with vinegar monthly.
  • Exercise head and Y-Valve systems to prevent breakage from mineral build-up.
  • Add tank tamer to dissolve waste in holding tanks, this will also help eliminate odor.
  • NEVER use chloral or chlorine bleach, ammonia or pine sol products, formaldehyde, phenol, derivatives, or paint thinners/solvents in toilet systems. Using such chemicals leads to severe malodor problems. The manufacturer will not warranty hoses if there is any detection these chemicals have been used.
  • Schedule a Marine Plumbing Inspection today with Maritime Sanitation.